The PMRG History

PMRG was originally founded by Ron Rosenberg in 1992 to provide leading edge consulting to physicians for the business side of running a medical practice. Ron started the company after spending ten years practicing medicine as one of the country’s first Physician Assistants (PA) and then over ten years as part of a larger consulting firm that focused on the business of medicine.

While consulting with physician practices all over the country, he had an opportunity to assess countless billing operations – both in-house and out-sourced – and determined something was desperately needed to address the serious and sometime severe issues that physician/owners faced in practicing medicine and running a business. Something better than what was already there. Something that would really serve the physician/owner insuring that all services being provided were billed and collected upon commensurate with the value of those services. It would be a service that would provide greater control over cash flow, while at the same time relieving the need for managing the additional staff necessary to handle the burden of billing and collections. In addition, it would be a service that understood the importance of good, comprehensive and digestible reporting that a business owner needs to make sound business decisions.

So, in 2003, he set out to build that company. He re-connected with Donna Connolly, who he had worked with on a large consulting engagement in the late 1990’s, and the two them decided the time was right to take this on. All that was left to get started was someone to run the company that had strong leadership skills to complement Donna’s operations expertise and the depth of Ron’s understanding of how physician practices work. The two of them then went out and recruited Curt Hill, a proven business executive to join as the CEO and to run the company.

In August of 2003, they started. In the spring of 2004 they brought on their first client, which remains with them to this day. Then, in early 2010, they made a strategic move to concentrate exclusively on ophthalmology. Which brings PMRG to where it is today – the nation’s leading ophthalmology-specific billing service, currently serving over 40 practices with experience in 18 states.