PMRG - a different kind of billing service.

The ophthalmology billing experts - it's all we do, so we have to be better!

Who We Are

The People Taking Care of Your Practice

The Management Team

The heart of the business side of your practice is financial performance. PMRG can assist you in assessing some or all of the components of your practice’s business process, assuring…

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Our Unique Perspective

With a rich background in clinical practice and a sophisticated understanding of business, PMRG brings a unique perspective and an unparalleled level of integrity to the world of medical billing.…

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Our History

PMRG was originally founded by Ron Rosenberg in 1992 to provide leading edge consulting to physicians for the business side of running a medical practice. After seeing first hand the…

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Our Staff

We recognize that our people are fundamental to the success of PMRG; we're committed to their ongoing growth and satisfaction. As a result, our staff is well trained and satisfied…

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Meet the PMRG Leadership Team

We're here to serve your needs

With experience in a diversity of industries, Curt is well-suited to run PMRG and to provide the leadership for it's ongoing growth. His vision for what a company can be and how it serves its clients guides all of PMRG's decisions.


Curt Hill

President & CEO

Donna brings over 20 years of experience working with healthcare receivables and operation management. She has a unique and thorough understanding of how a claims needs to work through the various systems so that it gets paid properly.


Donna Connolly

Chief Operating Officer

Paula joined PMRG in 2005 as an administrative assistant to the CEO. She had a background in the tourism industry and spent 13 years in corporate meeting and event planning. She loves everything about the work culture at PMRG and the opportunity to learn and develop herself.


Paula Muhlenbruch

Director of Client Services

Mary came to PMRG in 2016 with 20 years experience as Human Resource Manager. She handles so much for our company it's hard to keep track of it all! She has an MBA from Saint Xavier University, Graham School of Management. She loves being part of a team that really does promote camaraderie and team work.


Mary Chrobak

Director of People and Facilities

Jana Holt has just joined PMRG as a senior consultant and project manager. She brings a wealth of experience with her, and covers much of the service offerings that our founder Ron Rosenberg provided that we have been missing since he retired at the end of 2019.


Jana Holt

Director of Consulting Services, Special Projects

LaMila has over twenty years in Corporate America , sixteen of those years employed with AT&T. I started off as Executive Admin and from there promoted to Compensation manager. She joined PMRG in 2015, and appreciates the opportunity to grow and to build and develop teams.


LaMila Gilliam

Call Center Manager

Lisa joined PMRG in 2009 after working in billing for numerous years in various specialties. What she loves about working at PMRG is that it's a friendly, fast-paced environment where she's always learning.


Lisa Biasella

Senior Billing Manager

Megan joined the PMRG in 2012. She is a certified professional coder. She loves the teamwork, unity and supportive environment at PMRG, and she relishes the opportunity to get difficult claims paid and to clean up messy accounts.


Megan Maxwell

Billing Manager

Mikaela joined PMRG in 2010 as an intern out of Everest College where she studied medical billing. She loves the variety, learning new things, taking care of the clients and the the owners really care about the staff as people!


Mikaela Szekely

Billing Manager

Our Staff

We recognize that our people are fundamental to the success of PMRG; we’re committed to their ongoing growth and satisfaction. As a result, our staff is well trained and satisfied with their jobs, which in turn means they’re able to provide extraordinary service to our clients. From our very first employee who joined our company in the late spring of 2004 to the over 25 people that currently work for us, we attract and retain loyal, hardworking people who stay with PMRG for the long term.

On our staff, we have people who have worked for years in medical billing operations, who have worked as techs in ophthalmology practices, and many of whom are trained and certified by the AAOE as certified ophthalmic billing executives. Most of our people have received formal training in medical billing and graduated at the top of their class. They know their work.  Because they are a tight knit group all working in the same field, their collective knowledge and trouble shooting ability gives PMRG what we believe to be an unsurpassed level of expertise in ophthalmic billing.

Our Perspective

With a rich background in clinical practice and a sophisticated understanding of business, PMRG brings a unique perspective to the world of medical billing – we are a different kind of billing service.  We understand and respect that we are fighting for your money.  We do everything possible to collect on every penny.   Given our founder’s years of practicing medicine, we have a deep appreciation for what it takes to be a healthcare provider. And, with a management team steeped in business process and principles, we know what it takes to run a business, and to run it right.

We operate from the highest level of integrity, doing what’s right in serving our clients and fulfilling on their expectations of us. We value open and honest communication. We come from operating as a partner with our clients and caring for their business as though it were our own. Our stand is that by insuring the success of our clients, we insure our own success. Our focus is organizing ourselves in such a way as to provide the best possible service to each and every one of our clients.

The PMRG History

Donna called Ron to talk about creating a project to work together. They had worked together in the late 1990’s when she was managing operations at a large healthcare organization, and Ron had been brought in to consult on the project. As they looked at the healthcare landscape, and assessed their interests and capabilities, it seemed to them that a professionally run medical billing service, grounded in Donna’s operational expertise and Ron’s years of consulting in physician private practice, was wanted and needed.
They decide to do it set up shop as a billing service. The next order of business was to bring in someone with the business acumen and leadership skills to run and build a professional organization. Ron knew Curt – a proven business executive – was looking for his next project. In the summer of 2003, Ron and Donna recruited him and it was decided - thethree of them would start PMRG Inc to serve private practice physicians achieve optimal practice collections.
PMRG brings on their first ophthalmology practice to their fledgling billing service – a three physician practice in northern New Jersey that was struggling with an ownership transition and a serious collection problem. In four short months, PMRG had righted the ship proving their concept would work and turning their first client into a consistent referral source.
After an exhaustive search, PMRG transitions all its existing clients to AdvancedMD as its new platform of choice. AdvancedMD provides PMRG with many advantages and remains to this day the platform for 75% of PMRG’s clients.
PMRG makes the strategic move of becoming an ophthalmology-only billing service. This change marked a huge change for PMRG. No longer where they willing to take whoever came calling, and now engineered everything in the operation to take care of ophthalmologists. This move paid in dividends, as the meager growth PMRG had experience through its first eight years changed to consistent 25% to 30% growth every year since the restructuring.
PMRG delivers it’s Billing for Ophthalmologists course at the annual AAO conference for the first time to a standing room only audience. The success of this course has turned the program into a staple offering on the administrator track annually and led to PMRG establishing its pre-eminence as the go to service for ophthalmology billing.
PMRG reaches a major milestone as it posts over $10 million in client collections in one month for the first time.
Another milestone is marked as Ron, the original founder and one of the three partners, retires after a long and successful career in healthcare, leaving Curt and Donna to run the ship. PMRG exceeds $16 million client collections posted in a single month for the first time and reaches 80 clients nationally. The level of client satisfaction is extraordinarily high, and the bulk of new business comes primarily from referrals from existing clients. With all its growth, PMRG still manages to maintain a close, personal touch – every client with their own account manager, and both Donna and Curt completely available.