Since 1992, PMRG has helped and guided ophthalmologists to navigate the sometimes difficult waters of running a physician owned medical practice. Over those years, we have written and published many articles in support of that work. This library of offerings is updated and added to regularly and is here as a resource to assist you in the operations and management of your practice.

Please come back often and don’t hesitate to let us know if there is something you would like us to write on that is not listed here!

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13 Tips for More Effective Billing

Audit Charge-Capture: Implement systems to assure that an appropriate charge is entered for each clinical service. Use your computer system’s appointment scheduling to compare appointments with charge tickets, identifying missing tickets.…
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Financial Performance Analysis and Reports

In the last issue we laid the groundwork for a monthly reporting package. We showed how to prepare reports of clinical activity and patient type. In this issue we’ll use…
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Monitoring Third Party Payments

One of the most challenging tasks for ophthalmology practices is the business process of sending thousands of fee-for-service claims (for both medical and surgical services) to third-party payors and of…
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Monthly Management Reports

In past issues of this newsletter, we’ve worked through the methodology to use in the analysis of your practice’s financial performance. In the next two issues, we’ll look at a…
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Manage Staff Costs

Hiring the right number of staff and paying staff at the right level are both key factors in managing staff costs and office overhead. What is the optimal number of…
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The Myth That Physicians Are Not Trained In Business

In our practice management consultantancy, I am always being told by physicians (and non-physicians) that physicians aren’t educated on the business of medicine. By the manner in which that statement…
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What Does It Cost Your Practice to Run Its Personnel Department?

Personnel costs may represent as much as 25­30% of overhead in a medical practice. Often included in that financial responsibility are such tasks as Payroll management Employee benefit design and…
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Computer Selection – Part One

Are you dreading going through a computer installation in your practice? Complying with HIPAA regulations, phasing out an obsolete system, and making functional upgrades to keep pace with your business…
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End of Year Opportunities

It’s the end of the year and time to review every aspect of the business of your practice in order to plan for the upcoming year. Fiscal Year-End We recommend…
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Incentive Compensation for Optometrists and Opticians

Many ophthalmology practices use optometrists and opticians to expand the practices’ productivity, income, and profitability. Your ability to obtain and retain the services of these professionals, as well as to…
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