Since 1992, PMRG has helped and guided ophthalmologists to navigate the sometimes difficult waters of running a physician owned medical practice. Over those years, we have written and published many articles in support of that work. This library of offerings is updated and added to regularly and is here as a resource to assist you in the operations and management of your practice.

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Patients with vision plans will sign a form at the time of service that explains that medical insurance may also be billed when necessary (Regarding Vision & Medical Insurance.) Medical…
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Knowing Your Insurance Allowables

Building, updating, and maintaining your contracted allowables for the major insurance carriers you are contracted with is a crucial aspect of managing a well-run practice.  Having this data on hand…
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It can be difficult to know what data your practice should be tracking. Most current practice management systems have such in depth reporting capabilities, it can be challenging to find…
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21st Century Cures Act and HIPAA Compliance

The 21st Century Cures Act, passed in December 2016, is designed to provide secure health information to patients and healthcare providers.On April 5, 2021, the Information Blocking Provisions take effect.…
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Comprehensive Billing Report 202103

What is a CBR? Comparative Billing Reports (CBRs) summarize Medicare claims data and distribute it to providers to provide insight into billing trends.  Each CBR is unique to a single…
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A New Method for Evaluating Your Fee Schedule and Calculating Collection Target

The August/September 1999 issue of Watching Your Bottom Line discussed evaluation of your practice’s fee schedule based on the use of the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS). In that issue,…
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Collection Target and Performance Analysis

We’ve looked at charge capture, at productivity and product-line analyses, and at payor mix. We’ve also looked at how our computer systems handle and report data to ensure that we’re…
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Using Your Computer System

Introduction Usually a computerized billing system captures and reports information differently from the way you manage your practice’s business. Unless you build a customized program, you will have to understand…
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The Billing Process

Transforming a clinical service into income requires managing tens of thousands of transactions with hundreds of thousands of data elements. In order to make the difference between mediocre and outstanding…
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How to Have Your Staff Be Effective

By Ron Rosenberg, MPH, PA & Curt Hill, CEO With Excerpts from Coaching and Mentoring for Dummies , Marty Braunstein, IDG Books Worldwide, Chapter 6, “Setting Performance Plans the Smart…
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