Q3 2019 Newsletter

Algorithm for Managing Patient Balances

  1. Identify patient responsible balance
  2. Determine if the patient can pay at the time of service
    • Yes – Collect
    • No
      1. Re-schedule if issue is merely logistical
      2. Refer the patient to another facility able to provide charity care if they are unable to pay.
    • Identify payment source
      1. Credit card
      2. Funding company
    • Differentiate between those who truly cannot pay and those who do not want to pay
    • How to Assist Patients in Paying
      1. Credit cards
      2. Medical Credit/Funding Companies
    • Credit Cards
      1. Accept them
      2. They facilitate payment at time of service
      3. Comparison-shop for discount rate and fees
      4. Develop an on-line credit card payment portal
        • Simply take the payment on-line
        • Interfaced into your practice management system
      5. Be aware of the liabilities in retaining credit card numbers
      6. Avoid taking on the role of a bank. Do not put your practice in the position of extending credit. There are entities (see #5 above) that will do that for you

When all else fails, arrange a payment plan. Here is sample verbiage your practice can use: