Physician Credentialing

PMRG’s greatest value-add has been credentialing!
– Dr. Anthony Rudick, North Valley Eye Care, business manager of 5 ophthalmologist, 4 OD, multi-location practice.

PMRG’s physician credentialing service handles the minutely detailed process of contacting payers, filling out forms and managing approvals. We provide this service for new practices or physicians, to physicians joining a new practice that as well as to groups or surgery centers. Our professionals are experienced with the ins and outs of Medicare and Medicaid as well as commercial carriers and can generally navigate this difficult and sometimes cumbersome process quickly and thoroughly insuring that physician services are being reimbursed as quickly as is possible.

What we do:

  • Act as sole point of contact for all aspects of credentialing for the provider and the payer.
  • Contact commercial and governmental payers to determine credentialing requirements by state and specialty.
  • Work closely with practice to compile all necessary credentialing information and supporting documentation (e.g. copies of medical license, DEA certificates, etc).
  • Verify and update CAQH for the duration of the credentialing agreement.
  • Review all information for accuracy.
  • Fill out comprehensive applications and submit with all necessary documentation.
  • Follow up with payers to ensure that all information has been received.
  • Monitor ongoing progress of credentialing to insure everything is done completely.
  • Review existing credentialing and resolve any issues or discrepancies that are negatively impacting reimbursement levels.

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