Outsourced Billing for Ophthalmologists

Since the outset, it felt like we had an ‘inside biller’ since our lines of communication, superbill submission,
and follow up on patient claims has been seamless.

Steve Harrison, MD, Retina Specialist, PMRG client since 2005

Maintaining an effective and professional billing staff can be both challenging and expensive for an ophthalmology practice. People leave, get hired away or worse, just do a bad job managing this critical aspect of your business. PMRG offers a sound alternative to this potentially difficult and time-consuming business model.

By outsourcing your billing and receivables management to PMRG, you have a real partner in running your business. You’ll find that you have the freedom to concentrate on practicing medicine with the confidence that the business of your practice is being professionally managed by ophthalmic billing experts backed by a sound management team committed to your success.

The PMRG billing service for ophthalmologists provides:

A Consultative Approach

PMRG has been a leader in increasing the financial performance of ophthalmology practices for over 30 years. We apply our consulting best practices and principles in the installation and operation of each billing client. This approach insures that the clinical services you provide are translating into optimal collections. Further, you have access to clear and cogent management reports that give you the tools to effectively manage your practice.

Expert Billing Operations

The PMRG operations center, located in Tinley Park, Illinois, is staffed with ophthalmic billing professionals who handle all aspects of insurance billing, as well as patient statements and patient billing questions. Your business is managed on state-of-the-art software and through a leading edge, web-based clearing house. All reporting is real-time, and because it is web-based, it is always available for your review.

Ongoing Practice Management

PMRG operates as your full partner in the financial well-being of your practice. Our detailed monthly management report and regular management oversight meetings give you what you need to build a successful practice. A bi-annual coding and compliance review conducted by AAOE recognized experts insures that all physicians are coding accurately and in full compliance with federal guidelines.

Value Added Services

• Oversight and controls on cash flow and management. Because the charges and payments are handled such that no one person has control over the entire process, there are solid checks and balances in place that insures all money is being accounted for.
• Management and support of the practice management computer system on your behalf. We interface with the software vendor (AdvancedMD), and can generally handle all of your software questions ourselves. You never have to pay for support.
• Sophisticated reporting. PMRG has a reporting specialist on our team that is available for ad-hoc, on-demand reports. No one your team needs to take valuable time to learn how to run every report or take the time to generate those reports.
• Professional consultative services available at no additional cost. This includes:
o Deep and sophisticated data analysis that provides useful insights that allow for running the business more effectively and profitability.
o Transition planning
o Staff compensation advice
o Marketing and strategic assistance.
• Fee schedule management. We will advise you on where to set your fee schedule, and will keep it up to date with the changing Medicare reimbursement levels to insure optimal reimbursements.

Not sure if outsourced billing is right for you? Read our document: Six Key Questions about Outsourcing Your Billing.

Advanced MD
PMRG recommends and uses AdvancedMD as a practice management software platform. Click here to learn more about AdvancedMD.

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