Monthly Reports Online

This page will explain the folder structure in Box for ongoing reports, including archives. It’ll have a link to the Box login page, and an explanation of the Box invitation and signup process.
Q: Is there a parent page? If not, how shall clients get here? Desired Web address?
How do they get a password?

Reports are now distributed using the online file-sharing service Box, instead of by email. (This avoids the need to encrypt files that might contain Protected Health Information.) Your practice will have its own Box userid, which gives access to both current and archived reports.

Accessing monthly reports is easy (also see screenshots below):

  1. Login to PMRG’s Box here. You’ll need the Box password that was provided, based on your email address.
  2. Once logged in, your Box area will include folders for both the ad hoc (special) reports and the monthly reports. (Possibly others, as well.)
    Click on Monthly Reports.
  3. In that Monthly Reports folder, you’ll find the current versions of your reports.
    To view a report, you can:
    a) Click the report name, to open it in the viewer; or
    b) Right-click the report name, and select download; or
    b) Click the three-dot button (on the same line as the report), and select download.
  4. Previous versions of your reports are in the corresponding archive folder.

Some practices use separate logins for individual providers, where you’ll see just your own provider reports.

The Box login screen:

2. After logging in:

3b. And in Monthly Reports, after clicking the three-dot button: