Monthly Reports Online

We now distribute reports using the online file-sharing service Box, instead of by email. (This simplifies the HIPPA-compliant handling of Protected Health Information.) Your practice will have its own Box userid and folders, providing access to current and archived reports.

To get set up the first time:

PMRG will have sent you an email Box invitation.
Do you already have a account?

  • Yes, you already use Box (at the email address to which the invitation was sent):

At the top of your Box home screen, look for the notification “You have pending invitations to collaborate.” Click “See Invitations”, and then click Accept. Your PMRG report folders now appear in Box. (See details below, in “Accessing monthly reports.”)

  • No, you’re new to Box (or you login with a different email address):

Follow the link in the invitation email; this takes you to the “Create Your Account” page at Box. Once complete, your PMRG folders will be right there.

Accessing monthly reports, once you’re set up in Box (also see screenshots below):

  1. Login to PMRG’s Box here.
  2. Your Box area will include folders for both the ad hoc (special) reports and the monthly reports. (Possibly others, as well.)
    Click on Monthly Reports.
  3. In the Monthly Reports folder are current versions of your reports.
    To view a report, you can:
    a) Click the report name, to open it in the viewer; or
    b) Right-click the report name, and select download; or
    b) Click the three-dot button (on the same line as the report), and select download.
  4. Previous versions of your reports are in the corresponding archive folder.

Some practices use separate logins for individual providers; these contain your own provider reports.

Screenshots Follow

The Box login screen:

2. After logging in:

3b. in Monthly Reports, after clicking the three-dot button: