Managing Practice Financial Performance

So how do you design the reports you want?  Begin by defining the questions for which you need answers.  For example, “What are the charges, receipt, and volume of services for the practice, by month?”

Some examples, taken from the PMRG Monthly Reports provided to clients, include:

An overview of charges, payments, and adjustments.  Note the 12 months of longitudinal data:

Notice the irregular line (blue) for total charges.  This pattern is not uncommon for a one- or two-physician practice.  Any time spent out of the office for the physician(s) will have a magnified effect of the charge graph.

Next, notice that the payments line (green) roughly follows the charge-volumes, generally trailing by one or two months.  This metric is not as sensitive to absences from the practice because the payments will continue to be received and posted even in a physician’s absence; consequently, these lines are smoother.

The Total Payments and Commissionable Payments lines represent the difference between all payments and those subject to PMRG commissions.  For each client, certain payments are excluded from commission. Generally, those include optical sales, injectable drug costs, cosmetic procedures, and miscellaneous product sales.