Q4-2019 Newsletter

PMRG’s Chosen Charity: Seva.org


As an expression of PMRG’s commitment to give back where we can, we have chosen Seva as one of our key charities In the season of giving, we are turning our quarterly spotlight to this amazing organization.

Seva’s vision is a world in which no one lives with treatable blindness Since 1978, Seva has been working to transform lives by restoring sight in communities with little or no access to eyecare. Today, Seva has evolved into a highly effective organization, working with partners in more than 20 countries to increase the capacity of local hospitals and develop sustainable eyecare programs. In its 40 years of service, Seva has provided sight-saving surgeries, eyeglasses, medicine, and other eyecare services to more than 40 million people in underserved communities.

According to the World Bank, restoring sight is one of the most cost-effective health interventions available to reduce poverty. A $50 donation to Seva can provide a 15-minute cataract surgery that will change someone’s life forever. When someone gets their sight back, they can go back to work, allowing them to earn money and support their families. This simple surgery allows them to become independent and lift themselves out of poverty.

Every year, PMRG makes a $50 contribution to Seva in the name of each of our clients.

To learn more about Seva or to make a contribution, please visit Seva.Org.

Ron Rosenberg Announces His Retirement

Ron Rosenberg, President and Founding Partner of PMRG, is transitioning to an advisory role on December 31, 2019, after 27 years as a key operational cornerstone.  Ron founded PMRG as a consulting firm in 1992.  In 2003, when partners Curt Hill and Donna Connolly came on board, the company expanded to include outsourced billing services.  Ron has watched the company grow from its first client in early 2004 to its current size, with numerous long-standing clients and more than 80 employees. The growth has included the addition of systems and processes that have enabled PMRG to deliver the highest quality and performance in medical practice revenue cycle management.

While Ron is retiring from his day-to-day operational role as PMRG’s President and head of consulting services at PMRG, he will remain on the board and will provide guidance and support in an advisory role.

Curt Hill, the CEO of PMRG, will become President & CEO.


Ron’s PMRG journey has been 27 years and his journey in healthcare has been over 50 years.

It has been an exciting and rewarding journey for Ron. He is grateful for the contributions that Donna, Curt, and the staff have made to PMRG and to him personally. Ron is looking forward to spending time in his home in Tucson, Arizona with Caryn, his spouse and partner of 39 years. Ron invites PMRG staff, clients, and friends to keep in touch.

  • Phase one – Introduction to healthcare
    • Began in 1965 as a US Navy Hospital Corpsman
  • Phase Two – Physician Assistant
    • In 1970, accepted into the first class of the PA program at Dartmouth Medical School
    • One-year preceptorship in northern New Hampshire
    • First position as a PA in rural New Mexico
  • Phase Three – Academic Medicine
    • Joined the faculty at the University of Utah College of Medicine (1973-1979)
      • Instructed in the PA program
      • Worked with the Family Practice residents, orienting them to working with PAs
      • Worked clinically in an NIH program in Hypertension
    • Phase Four – Health policy
      • Elected President of the American Academy of PAs in 1979; moved to Washington, DC
        • Testified to state legislatures for legislation enabling PA practice
        • Spoke to many classes of PA students
      • Worked at an urgent care facility for an HMO in Washington during the presidency
      • Left clinical practice in 1982 and joined an insurance marketing group, managing health promotion programs
    • Phase Five – Consulting for medical practices
      • Formed CCI, a consulting firm specializing in CPT coding, with colleagues at University of Utah, transitioning into “reimbursement consulting” for academic medical centers
      • CCI had the contract to deliver the coding seminars for the American Academy of Ophthalmology from 1990 until they brought that function in-house
      • Left CCI in 1992 and formed PMRG, specializing in financial performance consulting
      • Maintained his relationship with the AAO, and delivered courses and writing for them. The majority of his consulting was with Ophthalmology practices
      • Delivered a multi-year consultation with a for-profit subsidiary at Rush, Pres, St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago, 1994-1997 (ARC Ventures)
      • Donna Connolly managed one of the business units at ARC. In 1999, the business unit that Donna managed was sold. After a few years, she left that business unit
    • Phase Six – PMRG, Inc., Revenue Cycle Management
      • In 2003, Donna contacted Ron to explore possibilities of working together. Ron had always wanted to develop a billing service, but his strong suit is consulting, not operations.  Donna was the perfect operations partner.
      • Ron and Donna began the development of the billing service, and soon saw that, given the size of the opportunity, they needed someone to manage the enterprise.
      • Curt was a friend for several years, and had a background in sales and management, and happened to be between opportunities. Donna and Ron painted a picture of their vision, and brought Curt on board.
      • PMRG implemented its first client-practice in early 2004 (ECA)
      • In the early years, they had a variety of practice specialties as clients, including Dermatology and Vascular Surgery, but they soon saw that their “sweet spot” was Ophthalmology. They let the non-Ophthalmology practices transition out — PMRG currently has only one non-Ophthalmic client.
      • PMRG has enjoyed a very low turnover rate – most of their clients are still with them
      • PMRG have grown organically, with no formal advertising. The courses they deliver at the AAO annual conference and client referrals are the source of new clients.
    • Phase Seven – Leaving PMRG, Inc. as an equity partner
      • Ron’s equity ownership will end on December 31st, 2019
      • He will remain on the Board of Directors in an advisory role
      • He may be engaged in other activities with PMRG on a consulting basis.

Meet the Biller: Susana Roman


Susana Roman joined the PMRG team in May of 2009. She graduated from Everest College with a certification in Medical Insurance Billing & Coding. Susana began her career with PMRG as an intern and worked her way up to her current position as a senior biller.

Alongside her manager, Susana provides oversight on a number of accounts, sharing her knowledge with team members that have not been in the office as long. She enjoys working closely with her coworkers and clients to make sure the accounts are well handled.

Susana and her husband have two boys (3 and 6 years old) and two girls (17 and 23 years old). Their oldest graduated in May 2019 from Saint Xavier University with a degree in criminal justice; their second oldest will graduate from high school next year.

For more than a year, Susana and her husband have been pastors in King Jesus Ministry. Their mission is to provide help and guidance to men and women dealing with challenging situations that are seeking spiritual counseling.

“We love helping people through our life’s experiences,” says Susana. “We enjoy seeing their lives transformed from our testimonies.”

We’re glad to have Susana as part of our team at PMRG!

Susana-Roman Susana-Roman


“Everyone at PMRG was a Godsend for our startup practice. We would have been so completely lost without them!”
– Natalie, Carlsbad Eye Care